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A N   vel by

James Wright



Stand Alone is based on a real document written in 2002, copyrighted in 2003 by the author. From the scathingly cynical pejorative derogatory of the prologue, setting up the struggles of the main character to implement his vision for healthcare in America in a corrupt society and political system.  It follows the Old Guy as he searches for allies to help him implement his strategy to reform healthcare and fight government actors, assassination, and politicians and their appointees. The systematic logical implementation accruing populist support, financial support, and potential for success are augmented with rich development of the characters and their relationships.

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" insightful way to examine issues our country is facing yet founded within a true detective like setting. These insights will have you wondering and digging for deeper answers and deeper meaning behind the writing."

Bruce Drewlow, PhD

Dept. of Education, MSU

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